Use the Sayler Legal Service portal if you like to “Do It Yourself,” or choose one of the many other options to allow us to help you!

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Portal Fee:  $3.00 per filing, denoted as “Provider Service Fee” on your electronic receipt.  

If time is of the essence, we welcome your documents by email:  info@saylerlegal.com.  No fillable forms required – just tell us what you need! Once you’ve guaranteed your new account with a credit card or emailed copy of your check, we can extend you credit and advance your filing fees and witness fees. Please let us help you ~ we are only an email away!  This is our Concierge Service for $25, (additional filings same day are $23.50) and you do have other options. Please note that any same day E-filing received after our cut-off time of 3:30 p.m. will incur a $20.00 rush fee. We cannot guarantee it will be filed the same day, due to the volume impact at the courts. The clerks can only work so fast in reviewing/accepting/rejecting new electronic filings. If there is a problem with the documents late in the day, we may not be made aware of this until the clerks respond.

Please know that you do have choices:

  • Provide paper documents to us.
  • Email your documents to us.
  • Ask us to advance fees and make inquiries
  • E-File directly with the court using our portal:  efile.saylerlegal.com
  • Why use our portal?  Because we can do the follow-up for you (received-stamped copies replaced with file-stamped copies, follow-up for signed orders and contact the court when issues arise.)  You can also provide service instructions for other needs within the portal utilizing the same documents you are filing to streamline the process (file & serves, and additional requests.)  And our eFiling reports will assist you greatly in reconciling your accounting for fee advances and costs.
  • eServe using our portal for FREE and check the status of your eServe, as our system displays the date and time your email was opened by opposing counsel.  You can also utilize this service without doing a filing — select Create Serve-Only.
  • Our $25 “concierge service” includes the portal fees, so you only pay us the $25 and the court’s filing/processing fees.  If you have multiple filings on the same day, subsequent filings are discounted $1.50 per envelope.  Using the Concierge Service, eServes are $2.50 each.   The $25.00 concierge service includes 5 exhibits or less.  We bookmark, add exhibit slip sheets, and paginate for you — these are eFiling requirements as of January 1, 2017.  For larger documents with more than 5 exhibits, you will incur a Document Preparation fee of $20 (or more if your documents are voluminous/extraordinary).
  • The below eFiling Checklist (link) courtesy of Christi McDonald, Esq.

2016 eFiling CHECKLIST

2016 September – eFiling Hints & Troubleshooting

We all will be learning this together, along with the court personnel.  Tyler Technologies created the Odyssey case management software system utilized by our local courts.  Monterey County Superior Court (Civil) went “mandatory e-Filing” on July 1st, 2016.  Santa Cruz Superior Court went mandatory August 29, 2016.  San Benito County has announced plans for electronic filing, but no launch date has been announced as of this posting.

As we discover issues, we will post them on our website and when we find solutions, we will do the same.   Please visit our “pdf Downloads” in the pull-down menu of our Court Information tab and also visit our “News” page.

I welcome your comments, ideas, and details about the issues you may experience with our court’s new system and the eFiling portal.  The more knowledge we all share, the better equipped we will be to successfully get documents electronically filed with the court.
Kind regards,