May 2021

As more people become vaccinated and our service territory moves to less restrictive tiers, our Covid-19 safe serving policy will be adjusted accordingly.

June 2020

Sayler Legal Service, Inc. has adopted a Covid-19 Safe Service Policy and employees will follow CDC guidelines (masks, gloves, temperature check, hand sanitizer, etc.) In addition, the following policy has been implemented:
Process Servers will knock, then retreat a minimum of six feet from the doorway. If six feet is not possible (such as in an apartment complex), the Process Server will retreat the maximum distance possible under the circumstances.
Process Servers will conduct identification at a distance, requesting confirmation of residency and confirm identity as normal. We will state that due to social distancing requirements, we will be leaving the documents six feet away on either the ground or other appropriate location.
Process Servers will then retreat at least six feet away and allow the subject to retrieve the documents in view. Process Servers will remain present for a reasonable time until they can visually confirm the documents have been retrieved.
We are currently serving all types of papers in Monterey, Santa Cruz and San Benito counties.