The Status of Civil Trials – Santa Cruz Superior Court – January 27, 2021

–Judicial mediations are still open with Judge Volkmann. They are currently being set in June 2021.

–Some minor updates were made to local form number: SUPCV-1012 (ADR Packet). This can be used to request continuance of case management conferences or for scheduling a mediation in front of Judge Volkmann.

–Civil jury trials are being set in September, October, and November, 2021.

–For trials that are currently set this year before the fall, the court will likely be sending out notices continuing them due to COVID.

–Court trials have been occurring and can be set at counsel’s convenience.

–Remote appearance for attorneys at hearings/trials is mandatory. Self-represented litigants are encouraged to appear through Zoom but are not mandated and may appear in person.

–In general (except for some impeachment circumstances), evidence that will be present must be filed prior to the hearing with the Court.


–Due to the new law that impacts probate with respect to property transfers, the Court has received a lot of petitions for modifications. The Court will work with counsel to have these done as expeditiously as possible.

General Reminders

–For Zoom hearings please log in 10 minutes prior to the starting time in order to allow sufficient time to check in.

–Attorneys should make sure their first and last names are listed on their Zoom accounts for quick check in.

–Confirm your hearing location using the portal.

–Wear a headset.