Sayler Legal has a new satellite office in Santa Cruz, California
February 7 / News

Sayler Legal has a new satellite office in Santa Cruz, California

Sayler Legal Service

Sayler Legal Service, Inc. is anchored on both ends of Monterey Bay with the opening of our new satellite office ~ same coverage territory, improved logistics. Please continue to ship all your orders to our intake staff in Monterey or email

December 19 / News

Santa Cruz Court closing at noon Dec. 22, 2017

December 19 / News

2017 Monterey Co. Recorder Holiday Hours

Monterey County Recorder OPEN 12/26/17 through 12/29/17 from 8:00 am – 12:00 noon ONLY

August 10 / News

Santa Cruz County Criminal eFiling & Courtroom Availability

Superior Court of California

County of Santa Cruz

August 10, 2017

  1. Permissive e-filing of all criminal pleadings (motions, responses, motions to continue, etc.) begins 9/4/17. Currently, just trial pleadings and documents(motions in limine, trial briefs, witness lists, jury instructions, etc.) are required to be e-filed. Mandatory e-filing of all criminal documents will probably begin in January 2018.
  2. Limited Court Services Days – 2017

Wednesday, November 22 and December 18-29 will only have 1 courtroom open in each courthouse (Santa Cruz and Watsonville). All matters, civil and criminal, will be heard in the same courtroom by a single Judge. No jury trials will be heard. Attorneys are encouraged to avoid setting matters on these dates and to reschedule cases that are currently set on these dates – to leave space open for in-custody criminal cases, TROs, etc. The Clerk’s Office will maintain regular hours on these days.

Court Hours:
November 22 (Court closed November 23 and 24)
December 18-22 (Court closed at 12 noon on 12/22, ex partes 10 am)
December 25-29 (Court closed 12/25)

View the PDF

September 23 / News

AB2244 Signed – Court Fees – Amends CCP 1010.6 & 1033.5, Gov Code 6159

AB2244 was signed by Governor Brown today, 9/22/16.  The law becomes effective Jan 1, 2017.


September 3 / News

Santa Cruz County Mandatory eFiling

On August 29, 2016 – Santa Cruz County has mandatory eFiling.

Please note that some documents will still be accepted over the counter at this time and the court has released more detailed information here.


July 5 / News

eCheck Payments to Tyler Odyssey Courts


Tyler Technologies sent out an announcement earlier this week regarding the availability of eChecks as a payment option beginning on July 25 for some courts.

An eCheck is a type of payment account that performs an electronic ACH withdrawal from your checking account. When setting up the new payment account, you will enter the account number and routing number of your checking account.

The fee charged by Tyler is a $1 flat rate fee for using an eCheck.

July 5 / News

eFiling Checklist

Have you attached your Proof of Service by Electronic Service Provider (if appropriate)?  Have you bookmarked your Exhibits?  Have you redacted attorney-client/personal information?  Refer to this handy eFiling Checklist in the link below to improve your eFiling experience with the courts!

July 5 / News

eFiling Portal and/or Concierge Service

If you use our eFiling portal directly (so you do the data entry and upload the documents) via ~ The costs work like this:

You pay the court for all its fees as you go (none of the charges you incur at the time of the filing are from Sayler Legal).  You get a receipt emailed to you from the court and you can also review all of your eFiling expenses from the court in the Reports Tab.  Once per month we will invoice you $3.00 per envelope (compared to many of our competitors that start at $9.95 and up per envelope).  If you’re invoicing your clients as you go, just add $3.00 to whatever you were charged by the court to cover our fee.

eServe Opposing Counsel – FREE, as you are performing this act using our portal.  Our portal status also reveals when opposing has opened the email that you’ve sent.

Concierge Service – We can pick up your documents or you can email them to us and we do the data-entry and upload the documents for you.  You incur the filing fees/convenience fees charged by the court, and our fee is $25 per envelope for the first filing of the day, and $23.50 thereafter that day.  We do pay the court’s $3-$5 transaction fee out of the $25 (not you).

eServe Opposing Counsel – $2.50 per eServe

May 25 / News

Re: Santa Cruz Court – Phones and More ….

On June 6, 2016, public phone hours for all clerk’s offices will change to 8 a.m. – 1 p.m. Walk in hours will remain 8 a.m. – 3 p.m. Restraining Order Filings: Beginning July 5, 2016, all restraining orders will now be filed and heard at the Watsonville Courthouse. Any type of civil restraining order that was previously filed at the Santa Cruz Courthouse will now be filed and heard at the Watsonville Courthouse (this change will be included in new local rules published on July 1, 2016). For emergency situations, restraining orders may be filed at the Santa Cruz Courthouse. These will be scanned to Watsonville. This will only be allowed for the initial filing. Any subsequent filings must be filed at the Watsonville Courthouse. Civil restraining orders will be heard Tuesday at 8:30 a.m. and domestic violence/elder abuse Thursday at 8:30 a.m., both in Department D. Civil restraining orders filed in June will most likely receive a July court date in Watsonville. Electronic Filing: On August 29, 2016, electronic filing will be mandatory for all noncriminal and family law filings. Permissive electronic filing started in March and is going well. Each week we are seeing an increase in electronic filing users. On August 29, the court will no longer accept attorney filings at the court window. Please let me know if you have any questions. Sasha Morgan Santa Cruz Superior Court Director of Operations 1 Second Street Watsonville, CA 95076 (831) 786-7335