Superior Court of California

County of Santa Cruz

August 10, 2017

  1. Permissive e-filing of all criminal pleadings (motions, responses, motions to continue, etc.) begins 9/4/17. Currently, just trial pleadings and documents(motions in limine, trial briefs, witness lists, jury instructions, etc.) are required to be e-filed. Mandatory e-filing of all criminal documents will probably begin in January 2018.
  2. Limited Court Services Days – 2017

Wednesday, November 22 and December 18-29 will only have 1 courtroom open in each courthouse (Santa Cruz and Watsonville). All matters, civil and criminal, will be heard in the same courtroom by a single Judge. No jury trials will be heard. Attorneys are encouraged to avoid setting matters on these dates and to reschedule cases that are currently set on these dates – to leave space open for in-custody criminal cases, TROs, etc. The Clerk’s Office will maintain regular hours on these days.

Court Hours:
November 22 (Court closed November 23 and 24)
December 18-22 (Court closed at 12 noon on 12/22, ex partes 10 am)
December 25-29 (Court closed 12/25)

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