Remote Services

We will arrange and host your virtual meetings. All managed conference services can be recorded regardless of whether a technician is on site. There are no limits to the number of guests via phone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer.

We offer:

  • Webinar Hosting
  • Video Conferencing
  • Virtual Mediations
  • Virtual Focus Groups
  • Registered Email (legal proof of delivery with tracking and registered receipt)
  • Zoom Depositions

On-Site Copying

We can prepare your subpoenas and notices, serve them on facilities, and our registered and bonded copy team will go on-site and obtain your records. They can be downloaded from our website, or we can ship you paper product and/or CD’s. Please consider allowing us to assist your office in going green! We can scan your files and free space in your office.

Process Serving

All of our servers are professionally trained, registered and bonded. Our staff is an extension of your firm in the field and office.  While providing excellent service and attention to detail, we check with neighbors, U.S. Postal Service, utilize online information and quickly work your papers to get them served.

Field Inspections

Allow us to visit your customer in person and politely communicate your concerns and make your inquiries. Our professional team can represent your institution and deliver/pick up your documentation, take photos and collect information.

Court Services

We can research case files and obtain copies for you, record documents, and conduct checks of public records. We can also assist you with eFiling throughout the state where accepted, and offer counter service where it is not.  Our certified eFiling portal is live – Yes, we are an EFSP!  File your documents electronically throughout most of California as we are certified with any courts operating the Tyler Odyssey Case Management System.  We utilize affiliates and other systems in non-Odyssey courts to fulfill your other court service needs.

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Welcome to Sayler Legal Service, Inc. Est. 1991

Sayler Legal Service, Inc., provides full-service legal support, including process serving, on-site digital copying, and court services for Monterey County, Santa Cruz County, San Benito County and Santa Clara County. Our affiliates throughout California are linked by a daily, overnight courier service to meet your out-of-area needs. We also offer same-day court filings, notary services, and courier messenger service. Sayler Legal Service is registered, insured and bonded for process serving and copying. Our On-site Digital Copying Division prepares your subpoenas for records, including the Notice to Consumer (if applicable), and mailings to opposing counsels.

Our expert staff serves the subpoena on the location and returns to copy the records. We closely follow your order and provide periodic status reports. In addition, we can duplicate x-rays and all other diagnostic films. Our Process Serving Division serves the defendants and witnesses promptly, and the Proofs of Service are generated daily. Our servers are quick to verify addresses by checking with neighbors and conducting address checks through the U.S. postal service. Status reports are intermittently prepared and sent to you, or you can check our on-line system at any time for a status update. Private investigators are available upon request.

Our Court Service Division files and records documents daily. Conducts court research and retrieves documents for clients. Out-of-area jobs are handled thru same-day E-filings and fax filings via our affiliate offices. Conformed face pages are returned to clients on a same-day basis.

Notice to All Clients
Please send an email to if you would like an online account to access our order program over the Internet. The inquiry search engine on our website will allow you to check the status of all orders for your firm, or you may limit the search to only the orders you placed. Please supply us with the name and email address of your staff members that would like online access.

Check Charges

Checks under $25 = $2 check charge
Checks under $100 = $6 check charge
Checks over $100 = $12 check charge (as these checks undergo a second auditing process during bank reconciliation.)
Convenience Fees – If we have to pay the court or other entities on your behalf with a credit card, those convenience fees will be passed on to you.

Monitor your account online:

  • Check status of your orders
  • View conformed face pages
  • View signed proofs of service
  • View records your office subpoenaed
  • View past history of your orders. The search function on our website allows you to search by case name, number or other criteria for your account. The less information in the search fields, the more data is retrieved.
  • Email us at to establish your account. You can submit orders by using our online ordering entry system or easily just send us your instructions in an email.

Please let us help you ~ we are only an email or telephone call away! (831-384-4030)

2020 Sayler Legal HOLIDAY SCHEDULE

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Process Request Form

Court Services

We counter file documents to all central coast courts daily and can e-file where accepted.


Our Process Serving Division serves the defendants and witnesses promptly, and the Proofs of Service are generated daily.

On-Site Copying

We prepare your subpoenas for records, serve and copy on-site, and can provide them to you on paper, CD, secure email or they can be downloaded from our website.


We will assist you in establishing communication with your customer, capture digital photos/information and deliver confidential documents

Traveling Notary/Messenger Service

We can make appointments with your clients, notarize documents on site, and deliver them to your office. We can provide messengers for pick up/delivery locally and throughout the San Francisco bay area.

Service Areas

Sayler Legal Service, Inc., provides full-service legal support, including process serving, on-site digital copying, and court services throughout California.