I've been using Sayler for about six months. I've been practicing law for 43 years and they're the best attorney service I have ever used.

David Smyth, Esq.
Pleasant Hill, CA

Sayler Legal is a top notch attorney service and can handle anything that any law office would need, from court filings, process service, records requests, photocopying on site and remote, etc. You are the best!

Continued success to you, Stephanie, and your very efficient staff.

Warmest regards always,

Carol Bradley Lauderdale
Legal Assistant

I wanted to take a minute and email ya’ll and let you know how proud and honored to do business with your company. When I saw that you had returned one of our checks because we had already paid the invoice … you have no idea how that just touched me. Since we have had this company for 22 years and finding an honest and ethical company to work with is extremely rare. So with that being said THANK YOU!!!

Didi Naples, CEO
American Eagle Attorney Service, Inc

I have been using Sayler Legal for a few years and they have always come through. From Process Serving to filing documents with the court, I know I can count on them to do a great job. They are timely and always keep me informed of the status of my requests. The staff is friendly and I appreciate their attention to detail.

Jill Burkholder - Musick Peeler
Supervisor - Court & Messenger Services/Central Files
Los Angeles, CA 90017

Dear Colleagues:
God knows I complain when I get bad service, so I should probably do the opposite when I get exceptional service.

I have used Sayler Legal Service for a few things related to an active matter in Monterey Superior. I switched to them when another company just couldn't seem to get things done in that courthouse.

The last thing they did for me, they really went above and beyond and they seem to know how things work at that courthouse.

If you got anything in Monterey Superior I do recommend these guys.

Greg Groeneveld
Law Offices of Greg Groeneveld
San Francisco CA 94103

Stephanie, Misha and Sommer — I just want to let you know that our office appreciates your service so much! Everyone on Sayler's staff is extremely efficient and professional. You make it so easy — and treat each filing or subpoena request that I send as if it is the most important and most urgent assignment you have ever received. Having Sayler just a quick email away is almost like having another legal assistant on our staff! I appreciate your speed, quality, and follow-through. Thank you!

Marcy Brenkwitz, Legal Assistant
Aptos, CA

Our office relies on Sayler Legal for all our legal filing needs, no matter where the case is being filed. We trust them completely and know that once the job is emailed to them, they will take care of it until it is completed and final. Sayler Legal primes for their quality, promptness and accuracy.

Akiko Clifford
Silicon Valley & California Central Coast

I wanted to acknowledge what a wonderful job you guys have done for me and my attorneys here at Rogers Joseph O’Donnell. Even though we have never met – I truly am thankful for all the help you have (and will) be giving us during the pendency of these cases in Monterey County. It makes my job a whole lot easier knowing I can rely on Sayler Legal.

You guys are the best!

Kate Christensen, PLS
ROGERS JOSEPH O'DONNELL | a Professional Law Corporation
San Francisco, CA

Thanks for all your help today. This is a huge and complicated case that has emergencies spring up all the time, but you guys are always there to help out. We appreciate it.

Justin M. O’Connell, Esq.
Monterey, CA

I have used Sayler Legal Service for more than 10 years. You can count on Sayler Legal Service to get the job done right the first time. They are prompt, efficient and reliable. Their follow up is heads above other companies I have used.

Sara Quiroz
Carmel, CA

Sayler Legal is a fantastic company!!!! They always come through for me, even on short notice. The Staff is always polite and ready to help. They always go above and beyond of whatever request I have for them. I have never felt let down by them. They are a 5 star plus company!!!

Pam Kimball
Monterey, CA

You guys rock! Thanks so much for making my job sooo much easier! I hope you have a great weekend.

Peter Shelton
Oakland, CA

Several days ago I contacted Sayler Legal Service to request copies of several documents filed in a civil case in Monterey and e-mail them to me in Las Vegas where I live. Through a stroke of very good luck, my inquiry was answered by Misha Conrad.

He was knowledgable, efficient, and clearly a credit to your organization. Within hours of my initial contact, he provided me with a credit card payment form and two days later I had my documents. He researched the reason why the Monterey clerk's office initially could not locate the appropriate file, he sent me the Register of Actions that enabled me to request several additional documents that will be useful.

Misha's professionalism is akin to a ray of sunshine cutting through a bureaucratic haze. We are so used to delays and errors (like the clerk's office misplacing the file) that when someone comes along who does their job so well, it is worth taking the time to recognize them. My compliments to you and Sayler Legal Service.

Don Becker
Las Vegas NV

I have relied upon Stephanie and her staff for over 15 years, and have been very pleased with the service her company has provided. The professionalism demonstrated time and time again is what keeps the business relationship very strong. Being able to count on Sayler each and every time ensures a lasting relationship well into the future.

Cliff Jacobs


I practice in Los Angeles, and I recently needed a document from the Monterey County Courthouse. I found Sayler Legal Service using Google, and I was blown away by the service. I expected my document to take a few days, because I was not willing to pay a premium. Not with Sayler Legal! I had the document within 2 hours of the court being opened in my email box. This is the MOST prompt service that I have ever experienced with an attorney service! I will definitely use Sayler Legal for any needs that I have in their service area. Their prices are reasonable, and you cannot beat this sort of efficiency.

Stephanie B.
Rancho Palos Verdes, CA

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