e-Recording Services

eRecord documents securely throughout California with Sayler Legal's eRecording service. Sayler Legal will advance the county recorder fees on your behalf at the time of eRecording.

Once you’ve placed an eRecording order, the ORIGINAL documents will need to be mailed to Sayler Legal.

For a list of California counties that currently accept eRecording, click here.

How eRecording Works

Send—We will electronically prepare or scan, upload, and submit documents through a web-based service for recording.

Receive—The county receives the documents electronically for processing.

Review—Documents are reviewed by the county. Should they find any errors, the document will be rejected and returned for correction.

Record—After the documents have been reviewed and approved, the documents will be processed, stamped, and officially recorded with the county.

Return—The county returns the stamped, recorded documents back electronically, notifying us that the document(s) have been recorded.
If you would like to inquire about our eRecording services contact us at [email protected], or call us at (831)384-4030.

Helpful Reminders

Documents should be submitted in packages, separated by property. Each package can contain multiple documents, as long as the documents pertain to the same property.

Each document in a package should be provided sequentially, or instructions should be given as to what order they are to be recorded.

Please designate which county to record the document.

We designate the index names (including aka names), and entities for the recorder off the documents. Please bring to our attention any names you feel may require special attention or addition in the indexing fields.

All documents are scanned in black and white to capture the best image possible. (Recorders require 300 dpi and "exact" scan size, not "fit to page").

California will not allow notarized documents to be altered in any way. We cannot straighten text, darken, edit margins, etc. Please verify your originals before notarizing. Verify that:

  • the documents are legible;
  • the text on the documents is dark enough;
  • there is no text in margins;
  • there are no missing pages; and
  • there is no crooked text.

Note: Not all documents can be electronically recorded


I practice in Los Angeles, and I recently needed a document from the Monterey County Courthouse. I found Sayler Legal Service using Google, and I was blown away by the service. I expected my document to take a few days, because I was not willing to pay a premium. Not with Sayler Legal! I had the document within 2 hours of the court being opened in my email box. This is the MOST prompt service that I have ever experienced with an attorney service! I will definitely use Sayler Legal for any needs that I have in their service area. Their prices are reasonable, and you cannot beat this sort of efficiency.

Stephanie B.
Rancho Palos Verdes, CA

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