On-Site Copying – Record Retrieval

On-Site Digital Copying Division

Our On-Site Digital Copying Division prepares your subpoenas for records, including the Notice to Consumer (if applicable), and mailings to opposing counsels. Our expert staff serves the subpoena on the location and returns to copy the records. We closely follow your order and provide periodic status reports.

Consider allowing us to assist your office in going digital.  Going green is cost effective and good for the environment.  Your staff will enjoy the additional free space in your office.

Even during the COVID-19 restrictions, our professional, registered on-site copiers are able to serve subpoenas/authorizations and safely obtain your records.

  • Access your records from a download link that we provide you, in addition to USB, paper copies, or whatever your preference.
  • Historical records can be accessed from our portal with your client login. Access includes invoices, requests, Declaration of Custodian of Records, and the records.
  • Our website has links to current special facility authorization forms. To view these forms click here.
  • To find the Central Location for Service of Legal Process for Bank Records, click here.

Helpful Information

Civil Codes of Procedure & Evidence Codes

  • CCP 1985 – Subpoena/Consumer Records
  • CCP 2025 – Objections/Motions
  • EVID 1560 – Production of Business Records

A California HIPAA compliant request is:

  • Handwritten by the person who signs it or is in the typeface no smaller than 14-point type.
  • Clearly separate from any other language present on the same page and is signed for no other purpose than to execute the authorization.
  • Signed and dated by either the patient, legal representative of the patient (if the patient is a minor or legally incompetent), the spouse of the patient or person financially responsible for the patient, where the medical information is being sought for the sole purpose of processing an application for health insurance, etc., the beneficiary or personal representative of a deceased patient.
  • States the specific uses and limitations on the types of medical information to be disclosed.
  • States the name or functions of the record keeper that may disclose the medical information.
  • States the name or functions of the person or entities authorized to receive the medical information.
  • States the specific uses and limitations on the use of the medical information by the persons or entities authorized to receive the medical information.
  • States the specific date after which the record keeper is no longer authorized to disclose the medical information.
  • Advises the person signing the authorization of the rights to receive a copy of the authorization.
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