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Process Serving

Process Serving Services

Our Process Serving Division serves people promptly, and Proofs of Service are generated quickly. Servers will verify addresses by checking with neighbors and we utilize other resources, including the U.S. postal service. Private investigators can be contracted to assist with your needs. Status reports are emailed to keep you advised of our progress. Our automated system will let you know when your service has been completed, and your Proof of Service will be emailed once it has been prepared and signed. You may also obtain a login to our portal to review order history and the status of in-progress orders.

If you need a service of process in Monterey County, Santa Cruz County, San Benito County, or anywhere in the nation, simply email us your instructions with your service documents. If more convenient, utilize the process request form available on our home page (and below).

To find the Central Location for Service of Legal Process for Bank Records, click here.

Routine Service

Our Process Servers will make the first attempt within three business days of receiving service of process, and will continue diligent attempts thereafter.

Rush Service

Our Process Server will make the first attempt the same day if received by the cut-off time, otherwise an attempt will be made the next day. We will make at least one attempt daily.

Skip Tracing

If you are unable to locate an individual, we can help! Provide us with the information you have and we'll provide you with the results of our research. Efforts to serve your documents can resume and you can relay the favorable activity to your client.


Our service of process department will provide a Process Server to conduct a stake-out per your request. Please provide 24-hour notice, and we will provide photos and a detailed report of the stake-out activity.

Unlawful Detainer

We will provide support throughout the entire Unlawful Detainer process, from the service of process of the Notice to Quit, to the filing and service of process of the Summons and Complaint - Unlawful Detainer, along with the Prejudgment Claim to Right of Possession upon request. If needed, we will also provide the court filing of the Default, Dismissals, or any pertinent subsequent documents. Our Process Servers are equipped with smart phones to provide geo-tagged photos at time of service.

Occupancy Inspections

Drive-by inspections are available which includes photos and a description of the property's condition - whether occupied, abandoned, or in disrepair.

Helpful Information

  • If known, please provide us with a physical description (including approximate age) of the person to be served, especially in cases where there is a "junior" and "senior" living at the same address.
  • If the subject is known to be violent, please include this information and the details. Upon review, we may request that you refer the service to the Sheriff's office.
  • If known, provide the name of the business where we are attempting service and the hours defendant might be found there.
  • If we are serving an agent on behalf of a company, please specify in your instructions which company is being served.

Common Civil Codes of Procedures

  • CCP 415, CCP 416 – Summons & Complaints
  • CCP 1162 – Tenancy Notices
  • CCP 1011 – Service on Opposing Counsel
  • CCP 1987, 2020 etc – Subpoenas
  • CCP 116 – Small Claim

Witness Fees - Civil
Personal appearance in state court actions - $35/day, plus $.20 per mile (round trip) from witness' residence to appearance address. (Gov't. Code 68093)

Records Only – No Appearance - $15 (must accompany subpoena at time of service)

Governmental Employees - Make checks payable to the public entity in the amount of $275 if the individual will be testifying in his/her official capacity (Gov't. Code 68097.1)

Witness Fees – Federal
Personal appearance in federal court actions - $40/day, plus $.62.5 cents per mile (round trip) from witness' residence to appearance address. (one day's attendance + mileage must accompany subpoena at time of service) (28 USC 1821) Witness is entitled to additional fees, see code.

Records Only – No statutory mandate to pay fee, but custodians are accustomed to $15.

Call (831) 384-4030 for your personalized full-service legal support in Monterey, Santa Cruz, San Benito and Santa Clara Counties and throughout California.



I practice in Los Angeles, and I recently needed a document from the Monterey County Courthouse. I found Sayler Legal Service using Google, and I was blown away by the service. I expected my document to take a few days, because I was not willing to pay a premium. Not with Sayler Legal! I had the document within 2 hours of the court being opened in my email box. This is the MOST prompt service that I have ever experienced with an attorney service! I will definitely use Sayler Legal for any needs that I have in their service area. Their prices are reasonable, and you cannot beat this sort of efficiency.

Stephanie B.
Rancho Palos Verdes, CA

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