Field Chase/Site Inspection

We will assist you in establishing communication with your customer and delivering confidential documents to them. Our focus is to obtain face-to-face contact and have your customer call you while we are there if required. We visually inspect the property and vehicles in question. We provide detailed descriptions about the condition of the property. All of our field representatives are professional and have a full understanding of the laws governing third party disclosure information. We are available for field chases and inspections on weekdays, evenings and weekends. We will take photos upon request, complete your questionnaire forms and submit results timely.

Annually, our field representatives are thoroughly screened by national background checks and drug testing. Your firm will be well represented, as our company requires “business casual” attire (no jeans, no visible tattoos, etc.) and all employees are aware that they represent your organization, as well as ours.

  • Neighbor contacts upon request
  • Visits between the hours of 8AM – 9PM
  • Interview with residents to obtain updated contact & employment information
  • Verify the address given is good for the debtor
  • If a mortgage field chase, we will note the condition of the property and whether or not it’s for sale. If it is for sale, note the broker/realtor information.
  • If a vehicle field chase, we will note the condition of the vehicle, including any major or minor damage.
  • Business inspections include notations on security, signage, file cabinets, computers, shred bin management and any specialized tasks required by your company, along with the uploaded photos as required.